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At WangNET we can cater for any web design need, from someone taking their first steps onto the web, right through to a large corporation with sophisticated data storage and management needs, and cloud-based applications. Whatever you need, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Small Business Website Design

If your business is one that does not yet have a website and you are not sure what to do, we would recommend that you start with one of our budget business site design packages.

We can produce a professional website of up to 5 pages from as little as $275, or a site of up to 10 pages starting at just $440. We can also add optional extras such as forms, photo galleries and protected admin features to enhance your site.

You can place an online order and get started today.

Looking to sell online? Our entry level eCommerce systems are highly effective and surprisingly affordable! Everyone can afford to sell online.

Perhaps you already have a website and are looking for something more modern, and easier to use? One of our advanced, dynamic design packages would be the way to go for you. We have many options, so contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can tailor the perfect solution for you.

Web design for Community groups

Community groups and non-profit organisations often have a need for web services that is as great as that of anyone, but often do not have the budget to be able to obtain it.

WangNET addresses this by offering website design packages of the highest standards, but at prices specially reduced for community groups and other non-profit organisations.

So whether it is for a simple site or for a sophisticated CMS site, we will be able to get you what you need at a much lower price.

We can also offer you our special community hosting packages, and even bundle your hosting and domain name registration for even greater savings!

Contact us today.

Large sites and modern designs

At WangNET we also cater for the largest businesses, government authorities and the like. We can design and develop the most complex of sites driven by online databases with full security measures built in. We can offer our state of the art Content Management Systems, or can individually develop customised solutions for your precise needs.

Naturally we offer a range of eCommerce solutions to suit any size business, and any budget.

Have a look at some of the features of a Content Management System, or contact us to discuss your exact needs.


  • Simple Sites

    The simplest and most affordable websites are those written in plain, simple HTML. They are very fast to load, rank well in search engines and cost surprisingly little to build. If you are just starting out on the web, do not get caught up in paying for all the bells and whistles - start instead with something simple and affordable, and build on it as you grow.

  • Content Management Systems

    At WangNET, we have expertise in Content Management Systems going back more than 10 years. We believe that your website should be as easy for you to manage as possible, so that keeping it up to date becomes easy, not a chore that gets neglected.

    We can offer you one of our own customised CMS solutions, and also have expertise in open source and commercially available systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Moodle to name a few.

    Our CMS sites can grow with your evolving needs, and you can rest assured about security as we look after that for you as part of our CMS hosting packages.

    After looking through the details below, if a WangNET CMS sounds like what you need then contact us today to get started.

  • eCommerce Solutions

    At WangNET we recognise that businesses of any size can benefit from selling on the web, but we also understand that it is not always as easy as it could be. That's why we offer a range of intelligent, affordable solutions that allow even the smallest business to sell online, but also cater for everyone, right up to the largest business with a heavy sales volume.

    We offer starter options, sophisticated database and client management systems integrated into the eCommerce solution, as well as bank payment gateway integration and third party payment systems.

    Some examples can be found below.

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