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Web Tip

If you have a business, make sure you think of your website as a core part of your business, not an add-on or optional afterthought. Treat it like any other important part of your business - give it the priority it deserves.

Shopping Cart Systems

At WangNET we recognise that businesses of any size can benefit from selling on the web, but we also understand that it is not always as easy as it could be. That's why we offer a range of intelligent, affordable solutions that allow even the smallest business to sell online, but also cater for everyone, right up to the largest business with a heavy sales volume.

We offer starter options, sophisticated database and client management systems integrated into the eCommerce solution, as well as bank payment gateway integration and third party payment systems.

Some examples can be found below.

The eWang System

eWang is a true eCommerce system with a customisable shopping cart-style interface and secure facility (SSL with 256-bit encryption) to allow credit card orders to be taken securely. It is ideal for any business serious about getting into eCommerce and has several backend options depending on your expected level of orders.

In addition to standard SSL security, client credit card details are encrypted with an additional proprietary method for transit through email systems which are otherwise potentially insecure. Even on the destination computer the number is unreadable without a decoder so client credit details are not exposed until they are actually required and in a specific location.

For the smaller business expecting only a light to medium number of orders, the orders are received and decoded into a word processor or spreadsheet document which also becomes a record of all your orders. You can then copy and paste the details into whichever accounting software you use to invoice your customers.

For the larger business, the orders are received and decoded into a customized database that in a single step looks after your customer records, stock inventory management and invoicing.

You can see this system in action on the following websites:

Amulet Wines

Auldstone Cellars

Carolyn Konig Designs

Party Perfection

The cost of this system depends on a number of factors, so to obtain a quote please contact us with details of your requirements and we will respond with a quote.
However, here is a guide to pricing:

Setup fee: From $220.00 - this is a one-off payment

Monthly fee: $19.80. Can be paid yearly in advance at the discounted rate of $220.00 instead. This covers the use of our secure server for checkout functions and full system technical support.

The above charges include the provision of the document decoder, but not the database which is a solution customised to the individual business.

Please contact us to arrange this system for your website.

CMS Systems

A WangNET eCommerce system can be built in to your dynamic CMS website, allowing smooth and seamless integration into your site. There are many advanced features, including an online database to store product information, stock control, customer details and more. Customers can securely access their order history, and update their personal details as required. Payment methods can range from bank deposit, cheque/money order, third party payment systems such as Paymate and PayPal, your own credit card facility, through to a bank payment Gateway with live authorisations.

You can also start with the simpler options and expand as your orders grow.

Here are a few example sites using our systems:

Alpaca Lodge

Mushin Fight Gear


Pfeiffer Wines

Safari Tanks

At WangNET we don't just build the systems for you, we partner you all the way to let your online business reach its potential.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities today.

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