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Our Partners

WangNET is proud to be a core part of a group of businesses that work together, allowing us to bring you a complete range of services. With specialties in website hosting, website design, graphic design, domain name management and complex hosted applications and programming services, there is very little that we cannot do for you.


Some of our partners are profiled below.


Better Web Design

Originally established in Perth more than a decade ago, Better Web Design focuses on fast loading, clean coded websites that look great, are easy to use and rank well in search engines. Better Web Design became a part of our group in 2005 and now caters for an international clientele as well as customers in Perth, across Western Australia and in the Eastern States too.

Better Web Design is a key part of our offering, catering particularly for small businesses on limited budgets that still want a high standard of design and a site that ranks well on the search engines. Better Web Design delivers!

Scarlet Spider Design

Scarlet Spider Design is our Sydney-based design studio. Known for their striking web designs and skill with web graphics, they also look after the production of brochures, business cards, presentations and anything you need to make your business look good!

Since 2010 Scarlet Spider Design has been a key part of our design offering. They enable us to provide a fully rounded design offering, and can come up with designs from conservative to "out there" as requirements dictate!

Taylormade Solutions

WangNET has been partnered with Taylormade Solutions since our inception. Taylormade has been a key partner in many of our software and service developments over the past decade, and is a co-provider of many of our sophisticated eCommerce services and cloud-based solutions.Taylormade is also highly skilled in complex programming tasks, in automation of processes and in finding solutions to difficult problems.

With clientele including multinational corporations and merchant banks, Taylormade is a solid technology partner and we greatly value our ongoing collaborative partnership.

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