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Online Shopping Systems

From a very small business just starting out on the web, through to large supermarkets wanting to add online ordering to their store, and for everything in between, WangNET has an online shopping solution to suit. We have developed sites that have processed orders running into the millions of dollars each year - could your business be the next?

Have a look through some of our solutions and then contact us to get online shopping working for you.

Online shopping for a small business

For those just taking their first steps at selling online, we can offer our basic eCommerce system for just $220 per year. This includes the provision of the ordering system and use of our secure checkout systems, so you don't need to worry about the cost of the system or security of online payment data.

Payments can be accepted by bank deposit, cheque or money order, via credit card and via third party processors such as PayPal.

There are many businesses that use this system - why not you? Cost is no longer an issue, and we make it easy for you too!

Talk to us today.

Online shopping for medium and large businesses

We also offer a range of eCommerce options that provide great convenience and time saving, suitable for small, medium and larger businesses.

These can integrate with our CMS packages, and can provide an online database of orders with systems that clients can log in to so they can check their order history or update their own details, or offline systems which can also run your inventory system, produce invoices, picking slips and shipping labels, and produce comprehensive reports. Complex freight calculation systems can be built in, for example a link into the Australia Post shipping calculator, plus various payment systems can be implemented, including links to a live bank payment gateway if you wish.

Once these systems are set up they offer enormous time saving features through automation of many processes, for a surprisingly affordable monthly or annual fee.

To discuss your specific requirements and to find out how we can help, contact us now.

Online shopping for Supermarkets

At the "big" end is our online shopping system for supermarkets. A simple registration allows home or office shoppers to order anything from the online catalogue and have it delivered to them, or they can pick it up in store.

For independent or small chain supermarkets this can mean a significant increase in sales, and with the site linked in to the existing in-store stock system it makes it very easy to use.

The system includes an eMarketing system that allows specials and other offers to be emailed out to their subscribers - another valuable sales tool.

If you are a retailer or owner of an independent supermarket, it's time to investigate offering online shopping for your customers. It's surpisingly affordable, and will give you the edge over your competitors.

Contact us to find out more.

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