Online Booking Systems

Meeting Room bookings at Wang Central

The Wang Central serviced office complex in Wangaratta has two lovely meeting rooms, available for bookings both to tenants of the complex and the general public. The rooms can be booked separately or together, with the wall between them removable to provide one large room. There is also a rear deck overlooking Merriwa Park which is available for outdoor functions. So, the question was, how do they take bookings from both tenants and the general public, without doubling up and without giving out details of the existing bookings?

We provided the answer, by building a complex booking system into their website. The system operates at two levels - tenants of the building are given their own login which allows them to see details of their bookings and make new ones. The general public, who do not have a log in, use a separate booking interface to request bookings. Everyone can see what is already booked and when, but not details of the booking, in the online bookings calendar.

The system provides easy management of the meeting rooms with no risk of doubling up, and means people only place a booking for times which are available.

Do you have a need for a similar system?